The Best Stone For Your Bar Bench Top

by Creak Limbron
23 Decemeber, 2014

A stone benchtop is a stylish and durable addition to any modern bar, whether it’s for a commercial property or in your home. When it comes to bar bench tops, MSM Stone offers a wide range of materials to suit your budget and taste. Do you want to discover which stones are best for your bar top? Read on.


Marble is the most popular choice for any kind of benchtop due to its high quality and range of natural colours. The term ‘marble’ is actually used to describe a wide variety of stone types that are found across the globe in countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain and the United States.While marble is not usually cheap, its natural resistance to heat makes it a great choice when choosing a material for your bar bench top. However, marble is also quite porous, meaning it can easily be stained by liquids if it hasn’t been sealed. When properly cared for, a marble bar is durable - however your bar top will eventually begin to degrade and show signs of its age.


If you’re more interested in an affordable stone benchtop, a granite bar is an excellent alternative due to its incredible strength and durability. Its high level of durability means it is often used in construction as well as for sculptures, gravestones and memorials. Similarly to marble, a granite bar will be resistant to heat but less susceptible to scratches. When granite stone hasn’t been sealed properly, it can stain as it is porous. Your granite bar will need to be resealed, sometimes up to once a year, in order for it to remain in good condition as long as it should.


Dekton is a man made stone which uses a process known as Sinterised Particle Technology. During this process, raw materials are mixed, shaped and then baked at a high temperature - producing in several hours what would usually take millions of years. Dekton benchtops can be created in a wide range of colours and patterns, which can even mimic wood, grain or metal. Its versatility makes it an extremely popular material for stone benchtops and bar tops. The main drawbacks of Dekton stone include that it is not completely resistant to damage. The pigments used in the surface designs of your bar top do not go all the way through - meaning if you chip your Dekton benchtop, it will likely be noticeable. Are you looking to update your existing bar bench top? Perhaps you’d like to install a new bar top in your space? Get in touch with MSM Stone today and make your vision come to life.

MSM Stone specialises in Marble, Granite, Decton, Neolith and Reconstituted Stone Benchtops.